Blurry Visions from the Past

Blurry (4)I love old cameras. And I love shooting with them, even if the results may make you wonder “why even bother?”.

I recently found an old 35mm camera – covered in dust and without any indication of the name, model or make. So instead of finding out which camera it is or even cleaning it, I loaded it with an old expired slide film, took it for a walk and cross-processed the roll .  Blurry (5)

Well, the results may not be to everyone’s liking, they are not “brilliant” or “great”: They are blurry, out of focus, weird and amazing.

Does it matter how they come out? Yes and No. I shoot because I like the subject, therefore would like to keep the moment as a memory, keep it on film. I also shoot because I enjoy the moment and already formed a memory of it. …

Blurry (3)


Like I said, I love old cameras, I love shooting with them and I love the results.


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