A Blob – The Blob – Grey BLOB

A Blob

The Blob

What if it’s not about the inside but about the outside of an object? Or is it the other way round??

It’s like two spirals interlocking – moving against themselves 
                there is room for more – for Grey

What if the in-between really matters??? What if it don’t???

So, the exterior is as important as the interior! 
                                           WHAT’S LEFT? WHAT’S THE SPACE IN-BETWEEN?



In / Out
Outside / Inside
Wrong / Right


one line – following from actual point

           with THOUGHT
                       with OBJECT

It’s not always the obvious – look beyond it…

WHY should I follow certain lines of enquiery if they are almost expected???

Wooden Mannequin  leads the mind to human measurements
The Conker resembles wooden beads – like nature’s own Jewellery
Paintbrush anlysed to its last component
Nailclippers doing their job

and above all: The Bear Bell still rings




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