Ce n’est pas possible!


“Hey- hello!! Wait for me!!”

“Oh, hi. How are you doing? How’s life treating you?”



My old Maths teacher used to encourage us to solve equations by saying that we should put butter with the fish.

so, by adding butter to the fish I create a combination of flavours, which will in fusion with other flavours create a well-thought, well-considered meal – WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE FISH ???

He would also tell you when you thought there was nothing left to do and needed cheering up that “you could always drill a hole in our knee and fill it with lead!”


Imaginative man my old Maths teacher.

Seriously ?  So what would happen if all these miserable people I see on a Monday morning boarding a train to work would drill a hole in their knee? Which knee would you go for? Do you have a favourite one – Left or Right?!  Would this army of lead-filled-knees make a difference?
Would anyone who didn’t have lead in their knee feel jealous and left out? Would there be a new trend developing and people would be divided into two groups – “Lead? Yes!” – “Lead? No Thanks!”??

But now, seriously: would my lead-filled knee make my life easier? –  Would it help me on a daily basis? OR would it just be a “PRETTY PICTURE” something attractive to look at??    Where would I have to draw the line? – I guess there is no line to draw: my lead-filled knee would be pretty to look at as well as serving the function of reminding me to be happy!  – But surely there will be more practical uses  … !!


Well, let’s see:

by exhibiting my lead-filled knee – let’s say in a museum ( and I’m still unsure of which knee to drill and UPGRADE at this moment),  people would come and look at it – many would write about my knee, about how I displayed it, how it interacts with the world – many would have an opinion about my lead-filled knee, some will shout it out loud, some will discuss it with others and  some will never tell what they really feel looking at it. There will be groups of people trying to engage with it, there will be university students trying to get into my head to uncover the “mystery of the lead-filled-knee”, there will be bored school kids wanting to go home ,… (Seriously I could go on and on) …

So I started comparing Dunne&Raby and Michael Anastassiades’s  Statistical Clock (2007) my notes and one of my drawings  with my exhibited knee….


I look outside – out of the window. It’s raining. Why is it always raining when I am walking somewhere?


In 1982 Boy George sings “Do you really want to hurt me – Do you really want to make me cry”, in 2006 Amy Winehouse lets us know that she’s trouble and no good, a year later Catherine Yass films Didier Pasquette walking on a high wire almost 100m above Glasgow and last month we went to the “Wouldn’t it be nice… …Wishful thinking in art and design” exhibition in London.


“D D D DEEE, D D D DEEEE, D D D DEEEEEE, D D D DEEEEEE… …it’s the final countdown…”


“Hello? ”

“Hey! It’s me. Got a question about ….”



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