list_a – words I can explain

chair, a, one, table, sofa, shelves, bottle racks, containers, adjustable, heights, self-supporting, support, change, your, space, happen, in, the, kitchen, living, room, bedroom, bathroom, on, veranda, office, perceived, mathematical, essential, window, covering, lines, structure, created, beauty, four, strong, relaxed, light, wood, fantasy, curves, touch, squares, sitting, up, creating, transparent, beautiful, furniture, glass, book, bottle, sometimes, even, luxury, everywhere, gravity, welcome, visitor, world, Kartell, dreams, placing, eyes, and, body, coat-hangers, stepladders, desks, with, objects, rolling, folding, observing, extending, aesthetic, inherits, flesh, fork, bones, relaxing, armchair, plastic, metal, alive, sensual, genius, variations, rhythm, seat, atmosphere, owner, place, right, legs, backs, possibilities, groups, surface, steel


list_b – words I can’t explain

transience, emanate, provocative, obligation, desire, evades


list_c – words I am not sure

this, kind, that, your, preference, to, decor, satisfy, mind, things, of, leaning, against, corners, stacking, reinventing, elegant, which, encounter, the, of, and, into, piece, in, lift, put, without, fixed, glittering, by, who, angled, desire, form, flexes, tidy, fills


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