Considering the Change of the Concept:


The urban landscape of today is ever changing with new and better materials available every minute. This development stands in contrast to the now old and crumbling, yeah almost dying!, creations of bright minds – exactly those constructions that were once considered beautiful, new, modern and up-to-date.
Now it’s a question of “old and beautiful” / “new and ugly” or “old and ugly” / “new and beautiful”.
On which side are you standing? [Are you ready for the change?]



Seeing comes before knowing, organising and connecting. I can see an object without knowing what it might be. By looking at a material, we tend to create or access some memory about it – we either already have or start to gather knowledge. I can now happily change the material of a design and create a completely different character for my object.
The same principle(s) seems to be true for changing the scale of my design. But what about changing the influences of time?
Do I need to go back to the origins of the concept?


The need to consider the life span…

raw vs. finished

beautiful vs. ugly

manufactured vs. natural

old vs. new

bright vs. dull

rusty vs. shiny

cold vs. warm

This “design bipolar” led to considerations of change and I decided to use “weathered concrete” as it illustrated my chosen problem(s) and “real-world applications”. Concrete was and is a choice for urban design/development for years and being occupied with my “design bipolar” I feel that it is a good choice to be the material of the water feature: concrete ages “well” in physical and aesthetic values.

On which side are you standing?







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