Word of the Day [Monday]

Back in my old spot

I used to sit here and wait for my train. Back then you could still smoke in stations, so I would have a coffee and a cigarette or two while I waited. Today almost seems like one of these days, except I don’t smoke anymore and I don’t have to submit assignments and work towards someone else’s idea. Today, I will work towards my own and start creating. But the feelings are very similar, the atmosphere seems to be the same and it still smells the same. Well,this brings me to my word(s) of the day: Nostalgia [or what’s left of it].
Always had a good feeling about my work on the course back then and really enjoyed the time there. Now, over two years later, I’m going back to investigate whether or not the feeling has changed.
And it hasn’t. It feels so great to walk the way there, even through the rain. How I missed this! Such a great day, cannot wait until tomorrow, even though I’ll sleep rather well tonight.

[ Schedule am /pm : Testpieces in White St Thomas / Paperclay Cards ]


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