Chasing the Light – Finding Silhouettes

silhouettes - two   silhouettes - three  
n a shadow outline of a shape against light *vt to show up in outline; to depict a silhouette
Chasing the Light – Finding Silhouettes

one week in the purest landscapes – one week full of beautiful scenery – one week of challenging myself and others around me  – one week, one camera and me.*

silhouettes - sevenRecently returned and slightly upset that I couldn’t stay longer, I sit in front of my laptop and look through the huge amount of images I have taken. “Oh Brave New World” of digital photography!
Well, I still have a whole bag of undeveloped rolls of film in my backroom waiting for me to process and scan them, but due to the beauty of digital images, I can feed my “holiday returner’s melancholy”   right the minute I need to (and then get excited about processing my film rolls). But I guess that’s a different story all together and I shall write about it one day – so let me introduce

Chasing the Light – Finding Silhouettes

Yep,  that is right. I set off to chase the light over mountains, follow shadows across valleys and stalk their communication around lakes, in order to capture the amazing and ever-changing interactions they create.

 silhouettes - ten   silhouettes - six

silhouettes - one   silhouettes - eight

silhouettes - four   silhouettes - five 


*Ok, I might have taken several cameras with me (I mean, I wouldn’t really go on holiday and only rely on one camera), but I shall only focus on one specific one for the story’s and your reading benefit


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