A trip down the Secrets Lane

Secrets lay aheadOk, thought I let you in on a few secrets that I seem to carry around with me at the moment. Well, they kind of seem to tag along rather than me carrying them, but never mind. Just feel like I should tell you about them, no real reason, just letting them free into today’s modern world! Plus I can get a sense of “Just chilling” afterwards. Just like our neighbour’s guinea pigs’ facial expressions after a long day munching the lawn.
Number One: I still haven’t finished writing my camera review. And I mean, I still haven’t finished writing it…. Don’t even know why to be honest…. I like the camera a lot, I specially went out one Sunday and shot a few test rolls to add some more and fresh images to the report, I like writing…. But for some unknown reason, I cannot finish it… and that really annoys me!
Number Two: I am less dependent on coffee these days. And that is shocking! I love coffee, I love the rush of the first cup of the day and I pretty much love the whole idea of it. Some of my most fond coffee memories date back to the time when I was still smoking. There was nothing a coffee and a cigarette couldn’t fix. And I do miss these few special minutes where I would just sit there and let the world be the world, let the time tick away and let my surrounding “catch and hold me in these moments of absolute bliss”. But hey, I’m healthier now; at least that is what I keep telling myself. More to the point, I seem to have lost my addiction to the source of my energy, and I think I need to find my way back to it!
Number Three:  I need to buy some chemicals to develop all my films cluttering up the now cardboard-evacuated back room [http://tiny.cc/nowtidy], but I keep putting it off and I think I drive someone here almost insane by delaying it more and more. I kind of loose all the perfect time as well, as I will have to go back to college soon, so I don’t even know why I don’t buy the stuff… I guess it just seems like a rather large investment, which is stupid. Yes, it is stupid. I really want to see all my photos, almost forgotten what I’ve actually taken. Could be due to the large amount of unprocessed memories or even the time gone past, after all I’m not that young anymore…but I guess you’re probably not that interested in my memory issues, so apologies for that. So now, all I need to do is go online and add all the chemicals into my basket and buy it, but I still don’t. I mean, I‘m writing about it, but not actually finding my way to the website. “May the Force be with me” or any other encouraging thoughts highly appreciated.
Number Four:  I love photography at the moment. I can’t get enough! I’ve been searching everywhere near and far for new inspirations and ideas and I almost can’t keep up with shooting it all! Talk about “Camera Nostalgia” [http://tiny.cc/Havealook] I mean since writing that confessing post and actually using the little gem, I can’t keep my hands off it! Completed two set challenges so far [http://tiny.cc/challengeA] and [http://tiny.cc/challengeB] – yes, I like to connect my post, gives me a sense of achievement! – and started an on-going project [http://tiny.cc/challenegC]. Well, you can pretty much tell that I enjoy painting with light!
Number Five: I adore autumn! And with all these changing colours and windy days to come, I’m pretty much excited every day until that gloomy blanket of wet- and darkness pulls itself over the last few weeks of 2009. Planning to shoot some crazy colour photos this season, and hopefully college won’t steal most of my time! Which brings me to
Number Six:  College. Yes, I am looking forward to my last year there, after all it should be a rocking year, but I am not looking forward to all their –quite frankly- unorganised admin procedures… It shouts “Rock’n’Roll”, but echoes “Annoyance”… Plus, I rather not get too stressed out about it, and I know I will… so kind of seeing it with excitement and fear at the same time.
Number Seven: I need to start thinking about my book. Well, I need to properly start thinking about my book. There is an awful lot to do and I need to get organised if I ever want to get published…”oh fancy world of the novelists… will I ever enter thee?”
Number Eight: Gosh, didn’t think I actually had so many confessing secrets when I started writing… oh well. Number eight is concerned with a special cara car with special needs (I am publishing this in italic!!) I’m starting to understand this car a bit more now, and I can almost tell the difference between all the newly added and older parts, even though I’m probably miles away from even fully understanding everything, but I am actually climbing the mountain of automotive knowledge slowly and in my own pace (which might also be considered at a snail’s pace). A statement that brings me to
Number Nine: Climbing. Or more walking up on top of hills. I’ve recently returned from a “climb” I re-walked and which I struggled with three years ago, and I was fine this time around! I won’t be beaten again by this molehill! Unfortunately for me though, I also found my new match during the same week and now will have to return to this rocky and ascending landscape to master my new master so to speak! Just hoping it won’t take another three years to go back. And finally, last but not least
Number Ten: I hope I will never run out of all those little ideas swirling around in my mind! I want to be creating and reworking, challenging and rethinking for quite some time to come! I like inspiration and inspiring others! And I like challenges – that is, if they are not too farfetched. I love my life at the moment!
Number Ten is more like a wish than a secret I guess, but could be added to both categories! Anyway, I do feel like I achieved something here and I am going to celebrate my success with a rather nice and overdue cup of coffee and a few minutes of accomplishment – trying not to sound to selfish here…


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