Back to School and other tales from the current seven days

Jap, last evening before the big and scary final year, the year before ending up in the big and scary  world, the year with major project work, the year … but we’re not there yet and there are still plenty of good things coming my way. With my own well-being in mind, I am ignoring the evenings now when I’ll be sitting here in agony, tortured by solutions and problems. Believe me, sometimes I do wish I still had the problem and not the solutions or in worst case the solution! Problems seem to be more friendly somehow, solutions are more limiting –guess that is probably in the nature of a solution. Maybe I should investigate it further, in a private-investigator- kind-of-way:
                “…Tones of black-and-white photographs showing “the solution” in embarrassing and shocking situations, spread unevenly over the floor and the one available und uncomfortable chair in front of a far too small and cluttered desk. Folders, containing information about the solution’s whereabouts the last two nights, share the small available space left on the desk with stacks of newspaper cut-outs and phone numbers, a telephone and a typewriter. Further revealing photograph of the solution pinned onto the walls of the dark and dingy smoke-filled room. …”
HawkeyeSorry, getting a bit too carried away here, but I will however investigate the subject further.
But talking about investigations, ever wondered why three seems to be one of those magic numbers? I mean, there are three primary colours followed by three secondary colours; a chair stands more solidly on three legs, a story has one  beginning, one middle and one end to it, … there are three’s everywhere. Next time you’re out and about, have a look, you’ll find at least one three! Let’s try to figure this out: If there is black, there must be white, otherwise there wouldn’t be any reason to have either of them. If we establish that there is a black and a white (or a dark and a light, whatever terms you prefer), then we have two opposites. Black explaining white and white explaining black – if something is dark, then it cannot be light and if something is light, it cannot be dark (reducing the idea down to its basics). This kind of basic logic only offers an “either / or” approach, but life is more than that. If I imagine the world being black and white, it is never either or. A black-and-white photograph has around ten different shades of grey, ranging from white to black. So there is never only black or white, there is black, light grey, white, dark grey, darker grey …  not just one or the other. Hence the arrival of number three: Let me introduce “grey” – a mediator between the “either” and the “or”, creating the smallest-number-combination that makes this possible. On the note of “black and white”, let’s talk 35mm-Mamiya-Challenge. Simply put: One medium format camera, one slightly expired 35mm film – come on what are seventeen years? Almost nothing, right?! Right?- ,a few spare minutes et viola : a few interesting photographs that will be popping up here and there on KurzGeschichten and possibly a main images for my camera review! Yay! (Let’s assume that I am in the middle of writing the review…really getting annoyed with myself over it)  Well, like I mentioned before, I’m really into photography at the moment.  Got a few more thoughts lined up which I can’t wait to get started with. Plus, I’m working on a few ideas in clay – the next couple of months will be creative! But I better get ready for my big day tomorrow. After all, I want to do my best, to become one of the best! [ ]


One response to “Back to School and other tales from the current seven days

  1. Love it!!! There’s something very creative in your crazy ramblings! 🙂

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