Next Exit: Shadowland

Ok, one could argue that we actually never made it out of the cave and are still watching the shadows on the wall. In some cases this is probably very true, in others, it isn’t. Six genius words by Buckminster Fuller spring to mind: “The Television is the third parent.”
Open to interpretation… 
Even though, I like watching TV. When I wake up in the morning, I enter a world that is full of questions and explorations. When I go to sleep in the evening, I questioned and explored, but I know that the next day will be full of puzzles to solve, ideas to trace and enquiries to make.Seattle in Motion
I’m not necessarily talking about finding the meaning of life or the one and only answer to whether aggressive behaviour is innate or learned. Or even answers to “smaller” questions like Do I want cheese on my sandwich? It is a combination of those ideas and all the others in-between that have a very high attraction factor. Well, at least to me.  So turning this notion around on itself, we are currently surrounded by “noise”, visual, auditory even when we bite in our cheese sandwich we experiencing a noise of tastes. We are currently processing, channelling and storing new information, reworking and reorganising old news, we are in constant instability with the world in and around us. We are moving, the clouds are moving, thoughts are moving, grass is growing– the world doesn’t stand still. (Unless you are Eadweard Muybridge, the man who stopped time (italic warning!). Now that’s a master of photography!) Don’t get me wrong here, I love my world. And I love interacting with it, I love recording it. I like seeing, not just looking.
One of my favourite places is behind the viewfinder, but that is an entirely different story to tell. …
I like watching the shadows on the wall from time to time. It’s a case of letting go of the constant input and having the information just washing over. All I do is watch the shadows – that is it. No questions asked. Sometimes I don’t even remember what I watched a few minutes after seeing it.
I like returning to the Shadowland.


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