painAre we talking physical pain or psychological pain?
Pain doesn’t necessary mean something negative. ‘A pain’ warns of certain actions, actions we shouldn’t repeat.
Some pain is out of our control, other pain is our own fault.
Some like and actively seek pain; others want to stay away as far as possible.
If you look into the bright sun after being in a dark room for a while, our eyes hurt – we feel pain, hence bright light equals pain, unless we use sunglasses to protect ourselves. Now, the sun doesn’t appear as bright as before, but at the same time, we cannot fully feel the effect of the sun.
Some might say:”Who wants to feel the pain of looking into the sun after being in the dark for a while?”, but deep, deep down, inside us, even though we might not fully be aware of it at a given time, we want to be in the sunlight, we want to look into the bright’ness and face it. We want to face it, in order to gain the warmth of the sun, even though it might cause pain for some time.
We might wear sunglasses at first and then discard them, because we want the full experience; or, we wear sunglasses – but we will know: Bright light equals pain, and we learn from pain. Consequently, bright light equals knowledge.


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