303-365 – Theatre

Went to see “Ha Ha Hitler” [http://bit.ly/SrJEf] at The Lights in Andover today – Sooooo…000 funny! If you get the chance, go and see it!

Ha Ha Hitler
The Great-ish Escape
It’s 1942, German occupied France.  Three hopeless RAF pilots plan an escape from the infamous stronghold Chateau Plonke. Under the watchful eye of General Von Schnitzershitz, Tom, Dick and Hilary take you on an unforgettable journey of ridiculous Luftwaffe laughter with a plot thicker than Hitler’s moustache.
What do German Generals get up to behind closed doors?
Will Tommy find romance with French beauty Sophie Ce Soir?
And how important is the Enigma Machine code book to the outcome of the world’s most talked about war?
Experience Hitler’s birth, his interrogation techniques and his bloody suicide in this mad-cap, knockabout tale of love and bravery in the most hilarious war time story never told.




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