This could turn into a feminist issue of ‘Wellcome Wednesday’, or it could go into biology, gender, or even psychology, gender roles, or I could just write about the rude woman on the train last night. Seriously?! I mean, what makes someone assume that because they speak to me in a rather annoyed and angry voice, I will move from my aisle seat into the middle one … especially if there are still several empty seats available? I sat on the aisle seat for a reason; and that one wasn’t “I will sit here until some bad-mannered woman comes along and demands I move into the middle seat”.
Or I could tell you about my visit to the National History Museum in London yesterday. We sat behind this “magic” mirror. It was one of those mirrors you see in police/crime movies and TV series, or you read about them in books, one of those one-way mirrors that conforms to the old “you can see the bad people in a line-up, but they cannot see you”-concept. The mirror was part of the After Darwin: Contemporary Expressions exhibition [http://bit.ly/9Zpte] and visitors were asked if they could pull a face like a chimpanzee. And I could tell you about the mother with her two children mimicking the facial expressions of the ape.
Or I could even tell you about the very strangely dressed woman at the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy of the Arts [http://bit.ly/qx2Tc]. Comments and thoughts like ‘why do people think they can dress down when they are in London’ and ‘people dress weird in London’ spring to mind. It’s London, the capital after all…
Well, there are lots of ideas that come to mind when thinking about the word ‘woman’. I’m sure you will have some as well, so I will let you consider yours. Just one word: woman. Go figure.


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