A short Tale about Unicorns, Time and Mirrors

window room furniture
It ‘s not just a black and white world, or is it? If we look at an object we see not just the object, but the object’s environments. We combine those visual stimuli and create an image of a certain object. We use our “Gestalt” – sense and put one and one together. 
1 + 1
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – “Figure – Ground – Theory”
We see the object (figure), we see the environment (ground) surrounding the object, but we don’t have to think that 1=object and 1=environment and therefore the outcome is the perceived object; we can distinguish between incoming information and are aware of the object itself.

Sometimes I look into a mirror to see what’s behind me. Sometimes I look into a mirror to require knowledge about me and my surroundings.
I look – I see – I read
Unicorns use mirrors as gateways to travel between the Light and the Shadows. There is no concept of time as we know it.
Here There
Time is fixed by us, it dictates us, we use it as a tool, we live by it, we cannot exist successful without it, time is everywhere.
If there it time, there must be notime
If there is a here, there is a there. If there is a black, there is a white and if there is light, there are shadows.
The existence of an object explains the existence of its counterpart or -object.
Mirrors help us to see the counter-objects, they enlighten us, and we are starting to chase unicorns (for one more time).



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