time and culture

_where would the Olympics be without time and culture?

“Culture is not really culture unless it is shared.”  Antony Gormley

Brian O’Doherty wrote about gallery spaces from Inside the White Cube (1976), Antony Gormely created Blind Light (2007), a “white cube” in a gallery space filled with white clouds of “nothing’ness”. Every year, thousands of people visit art galleries, design installations and photography exhibitions, visit museums and dance performances, investigate and get taken over by creative installation of art, they examine creative’ness through new and old media, observe, interact and create works themselves – we have a need for culture.
As Gormley says, “Culture is not really culture unless it is shared.” – and we share (a lot)! There are clever little buttons on the bottom of most websites which allow us to distribute our findings via the world wide web [www], ‘Social Networking Site’ like facebook.com and twitter.com allow everyone to collect, gather and hand out chunks of information, bite-sized material ready for consumption, new blogs appear like mushrooms in a forest, we carry around image-conscious phones, small HD camcorders and we’re never truly stuck, because “there is an app” for whatever sticky situation we find ourselves in these days  …“Oh brave new world that has such people in it… “
We are infected  by this new digital and virtual world, some even to the extent that instead of living reality , they watch reality TV and then gossip the next day about it, but still they share. Like I said, we are good at sharing.
The creative worlds of art and design overlap with the competitive worlds of business, science and sports – the world weaves itself together via the www, connections are made, and curiosities are fed on a daily basis.
One can only wonder where this is taking us – to quote the fictional character Buzz Lightyear:  “To infinity, and beyond!”. ?!
And with the ever going “circle of life” (Bad Taste Warning!) and the steady ticking of time we are almost certain to re’invent and share everything new and up-to-date, and we are certain to built our culture on our findings, including everything we can snap, gossip or tweet about – our very own, digitally enhanced virtual version on “Chinese Whispers” …


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