“[…] Design culture can also affect the way in which RELATE-TRANSLATE-SURPRISE operates. A more rational, typically German approach to design will diligently RELATE-TRANSLATE, but not necessarily warrant the SURPRISE ending. A Braun shaver works perfectly, period. Contemportry British design, on the other hand, can be characterized as being heavy on the SURPRISE factor as evidenced by Apple’s innovative designs led by Briton Jonathan Ive. The intensly pleasureable quality of Italian design drives the inversion of RELATE-TRANSLATE-SURPRISE to SURPRISE-TRANSLATE-RELATE, such as Studio65’s sofa inspired by a woman’s lips. Thus there are as many ways of RELATE –TRANSLATE-SURPRISE as there are differing tastes. […]”

Maeda, John (2006) The Laws Of Simplicity Cambridge, MA: MIT Press Books , page 40/41

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