the first post

(Ok, this only took me six whole days to post, and considering this, it won’t even be a huge proper post- Apologies!)
Well, the big scary year 2010 has finally arrived and I’ve already complete one photo-project [insert title here] and started another one [What are we waiting for?], came back from one of the most beautiful cities – a full travel report including pics will follow – plus I’m rather busy trying to write my dissertation draft and finish some orthographic drawings for a design project, and re’work three others previous projects, so all in all, this year has been a very busy one already. Hence, my first blog post of 2010 is six days late and not even in the usual full-blown ‘KurzGeschichten’-format.
In other news, we are having rather a lot of snow for this area, hasn’t really stopped snowing since last night, and my college has closed its big gates for the next two days – personal experience and opinions about this might vary.
So, there you have it. Let me finish with a tweet I’ve discovered online yesterday: “this is going to be the year that I make one of my dreams come true…hopefully it’s not that one where I’m falling.” Thanks @dirklancer!

One response to “the first post

  1. thanks for the shout out 🙂
    Are you interested in participating ‘officially’ in the project? Judging by the types of ideas and images you’ve posted online, I think you would be a good contributor. 🙂 To keep with the spirit of the analogue nature of the project and the fact that the concept is ‘waiting’, I have been mailing the invite and complete details to all potential participants. If you’re interested, send me your postal address, and I’ll mail the letter of invitation ASAP. Then you will get your first taste of the project as you wait for the letter to arrive. 🙂

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