What is there versus what isn’t (30 questions)

Can we only read through recognition? Do I have to be able to tell what I am reading? What if I close my eyes and begin to explore the world though a different mechanism? What if I can recognise every single thing I have once seen, touched, experiences? What if I can’t? What makes an experience? Do I have to able to experience something? What if I don’t wan to be visual anymore? What if I need to be lead into the darkness by my own experience? Why do I challenge my view of the world? Can I trust my eyes? Do I need to conform with my hands? Am I conformed by my own existence in vision and touch, in sound and taste, in smell and in thought? Am I just a collection of senses? A collection brought together to justify my own being in the world? Am I a body in a world of bodies? Am I a sensation? Am I just a combination of physical and mental constructs? Can I design? Shall I design? Will I design? Can I challenge myself with myself? Do I need further assistance? Do I need to read – look – or see? Where do I start? When do I stop? Where will I end up? Does it ever stop? Did I ever start? Is there a definite answer? What is design?


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