How very true this is…

After several extremely engaging, sometimes frustrating, sometimes pleasing months, and very quick and challenging final weeks, it has come to an end. And somehow, I have seemed to miss this point in time – or am I still holding on to something that has long gone – one does wonder sometimes… occasionally more and occasionally less… Anyway, the current phase seems to fizzle out and I’m slowly moving towards a yet unknown state.
This morning, I decided to start my day with some light housework and carried a huge (let’s call it) cargo of washing down the stairs, not very designer’y one might think. Well, one might be very true here, but after the sense of accomplishment of loading the machine and pressing the specially designed button to start the thing, I can now sit in my garden and consider the finer things in life. Plus, I have just actively engaged with the world of design and can now draw upon my experiences, reflect and possibly one day re’collected this morning’s activities whilst sitting behind my drawing board. After all, in the words of Dai Fujiwara: “I sometimes feel that my process is digging, but other times it’s swimming and other times it falls from the sky.”[i] Well, I feel like hiking today.

It is now the fifth day I have been without phone service, which in today’s life, is rather a long time! And I’m almost ready for writing letter in open and ink… Not too sure how the phone company can make such huge mistakes, but apparently it wasn’t them, or something like that, and things shouldn’t have happened, that did indeed happen and blah blah blah… the end results is: I have no phone service and am very likely missing out on some massive / sad / intriguing / shocking / loving / hating / gossiping / ______________ news right about now. And now. And probably now! … Welcome to the wonderful world of design one might say! If someone hadn’t designed the mobile phone all those years ago, I would not have to be part of this consumer’y world and would probably be very happy sitting in a garden on a bench with a notebook and pen writing lovely letters to the world. But hey, someone did and probably made loads of money out of it… or didn’t…who cares, I’m in a dreadful situation right now, and all I care about at the moment is to get my life/live -line back. And yes, I am aware of how terrible this sounds, but then it is 2010 and it all feels appropriate.

Moving on. Well, to what actually?
Today has been the first day I didn’t do anything with a specific university-course-driven –motif behind it, and quite frankly, I believe I will have to re’learn the sweet’ness of doing nothing “planned or planning”, because I did struggle a bit to start with… I’m not a massive geek who just cannot wait until the next assignment or projects pours in, nor do I get over-excited with work. It’s just that I was deeply immersed in my work over the last few months; and … let’s just call it post-hand-in-empty’ness . So there I was, and still am, sitting in my garden, staring at the blue skies, wearing my most summery kit (yes, we actually have a summer in England), drinking tonnes of coffee, both hot and cold, and begin to wonder what this is all about. Big words like internship and MA studies, London and Ibiza, holidays, regattas, festivals and hay fever buzzing around in my head, and I’m getting slightly uncomfortable with the fact that an army of ants has just decided to walk across my deckchair… well as long as they don’t take me hostage I guess I’m ok, for now anyway. Even if they did, I would helpless, as my mobile is still “Searching / Limited Service”. Grrrrrr….!

What is it all about really? Time? Money? Family? Sex? Drugs? Rock’n’Roll? For the moment I think I go with a rather large bottle of water, a peach and a straw hat, but this might differ immensely in an hour, tomorrow or even in ten years. Should Design therefore predict what will happen in the future and act accordingly? Or should Design make the everyday, the here and now a more pleasant experience? Should or could Design do both or neither? Should one follow Javier Mariscal’s approach of “I want to be a rock’n’roll star.”[ii] Or exists along the lines of “I want to make bright peace world.” Nobumichi Tosa[iii]? One very current and personal question is :should Design remain in the background or be right in the front line of all the happenings?
“There are a lot of choices that as designers we can make alone, but there are also a lot of choices that that we can’t do alone.” Anthony Lebossé[iv] How very true this is…

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