It Was Total Déjà Vu

Unfortunately it has been a while since I had a déjà vu. As creepy as they are, I like experiencing them. The last one I had was about six or seven years ago, when I visited a larger city near my hometown with my boyfriend. We spend the day shopping and relaxing, as well as visiting a natural history museum. As I climbed up the marble staircase towards the heavy wooden doors of the entry, I could have sworn I had been there before – although I had no recollection whatsoever of it and we even had trouble finding the museum in the first place. The whole train journey home I kept pondering this weird experience – just couldn't put my finger on it. Once I was back home, I spoke to my mum about it and she insured me I had never been there before. To this point I still have the feeling I had been there – Spooky indeed, but very fascinating!

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