7 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week (or the week according to my seven sins)

My new Fuji Instax
Picked it up on Saturday, but didn’t have time yet to go out and play – I know, a disaster!

Developing film
Jap, I’m still developing pictures of the past, and I have loads more to do

Yay! I planning and working on three articles as well as finally getting back to my “RoomB100” and do some blogging!

Invetigating pinhole photography
Oh my, oh my – I’m getting a pinhole camera – yes, another camera – and I , wanna have a snoop before I get my hands on it – a kind of instructions/destructions web search kind of thing

Friday Photo Walk
I’m currently working on a one-year-performance piece and I like to combine it with a awesome and exciting walk down to the village and -as you can guess from the name – take loads of pictures

Light Night
Woop woop – meeting some friends for some alsmost too early christmas lights fun – and loads of chesnuts and mulled wine. Maybe even a little fake snow and some mince pies, but they are optional

Website Updates
Jap, getting behind the laptop again and updating my website http://www.touchingwetpaint.com – got an online shop http://www.redbubble.com/people/atomicducks and several other new things coming!

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