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Design Telling

I am a part designer, part writer and part photographer – I find myself walking through the notions of design telling. I design, I write and I take picture, all finding an outlet in telling stories through and within the fizzling boarders of Design.

I am me.
Design is.
Change is expected.
Flux is celebrated.


347-365 – Reading Things…

Had a very productive day at Uni,but unfortunately all trains home got cancelled and I had to sit in the freezing atmosphere of the last evening in November 2009 – what a way to end a month.

346-365 – “You are not alone”

Went to see “You are not alone” by Susan Philipsz today [ ] [ ]
[ ] – Loved it very much!

245-365 – New Ideas

Watched a DVD recording about Annie Leibovitz – Like her style!

344-365 – Lights

Went to the Oxford Lights Festival [ ] today. Had Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and even fake Snow. Christmas wrapped up in one evening!

343-365 – PUBLISHED

It is OFFICIAL – From today you can buy the latest “Professional Photographer” and see my images printed!

342-365 – New City

It is a new city. The newest I have ever seen.

Mark Twain,1892

341-365 – Online

The winning shot is now available online! Hurray for digital subscriptions!

340-365 – In Plato’s Cave

Mir fehlt einfach die Zeit fuer Raumfahrt

339-365 – Man with a Movie Camera

Getting taken over by this amazing movie!