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Good Blog about my latest Love: Egyptian Paste

Today’s discovery: An awesome blog about Egyptian Paste, techniques and happenings!
Egyptian Paste is such a fatastic medium and I cannot wait to go back to the pottery and make some more! So far, I’ve experimented with a Copper Oxide and a Cobalt Oxide mix and now waiting for the firing – the most paintful and exciting part of the making process!


Sneak Peek II


Another Door Opens (again)

Back to College, back to the “Working life”. Well almost, starting my ceramics course tonight and sooo excited about it – not just because I’m going to learn a few new techniques, but also because my summer school work should be fired and waiting for me on the shelves to be taken home! Really wondering how well it all turned out. Stay tuned for some surprising images! Will have to work along my new projects and try to finish it off… never liked working on too many things at once – steals your energy and creativity. But we will see.
Until then I shall leave you with another peep of the lost chapter

Lost Chapter

Sneak Peek




Picture of the Week [Summer School]


Word of the Day [Friday]

“When one door closed, another opens…” he used to say.
I wonder whether that is actually true, hence my word of the day: doors.

After all I cannot wait until my next door into the world of ceramics opens in September!

Picture of the Day [Friday]





225-365 – The End

Last day at Summer School 2009 – kind of sad, but also very tired!!

Word of the Day [Thursday]

I like mass produced ideas. I prefer to shoot with a Box Brownie. I reproduce ideas.
I enjoy words and ideas of others. I like to re’work them.
I shoot on film and digital. I like to keep a visual dairy of the days gone by.

I enjoy mass production.

To be honest I like to create “old and weathered or aged looking ” work. I like Kitsch.  And I like Avant-Garde.

Picture of the Day [Thursday]