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Short and Sweet

A few notes…

If one was asked to describe what hell might be like, this would do.
Henry Moore

Just a few of my notes I took today.


Thought I share this one with you …

… taken during my visit to Oxford last Saturday (20/02/10)



visit_look and see_rate_enjoy

the first post

(Ok, this only took me six whole days to post, and considering this, it won’t even be a huge proper post- Apologies!)
Well, the big scary year 2010 has finally arrived and I’ve already complete one photo-project [insert title here] and started another one [What are we waiting for?], came back from one of the most beautiful cities – a full travel report including pics will follow – plus I’m rather busy trying to write my dissertation draft and finish some orthographic drawings for a design project, and re’work three others previous projects, so all in all, this year has been a very busy one already. Hence, my first blog post of 2010 is six days late and not even in the usual full-blown ‘KurzGeschichten’-format.
In other news, we are having rather a lot of snow for this area, hasn’t really stopped snowing since last night, and my college has closed its big gates for the next two days – personal experience and opinions about this might vary.
So, there you have it. Let me finish with a tweet I’ve discovered online yesterday: “this is going to be the year that I make one of my dreams come true…hopefully it’s not that one where I’m falling.” Thanks @dirklancer!

[E] is for Engery

[E] is for Energy

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Sometimes I look into a mirror to see what’s behind me.

Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand

reflection_c“Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand,
Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land?”

“Frau Königin, Ihr seid die Schönste im Land.”

It feels like ages since someone has read Snow White[1] to me. My mum used to have a really “old illustrated and proper hardback” copy of all the fairytales by the Grimm Brothers. Schneewitchen was definitely one of my favourites, not sure why though… also liked Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot (Snow-White and Rose-Red) and Frau Holle (Mother Hulda), guess they are played around the same ideals and thoughts. Thinking of Schneewitchen and Frau Holle somehow reminds me of being at my grandmothers house – I used to love going there! She used to make up wallpaper paste in massive bucket loads and fill jam jars with it so I could glue whatever I wanted to glue. Well, it seemed like a huge bucket at the time, but was possibly just a common household bucket, but everything seems bigger whrn you’re a child. Knowing my mum, she probably still has the old book, will need to speak to her and might be able to borrow it. Quite scary actually that I don’t own my own copy!

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,reflection_l
Who in this land is the fairest of all?”

I never really understood how a mirror can tell her that she is the most beautiful person around. I mean, a mirror only tells what it can see. Ok, I never really liked the idea of magic, granted, but still, a mirror reflects what is in front of it. Unless you are Alice of course, and you are able to cross through the looking-glass into the world on the other side[2]. Let’s face it; I’m not her, even if I wish really, really hard, so like I said, I never really understand how this nifty mirror knew it all…
On a normal get-up-go-to-wherever-you-need-to-be-day, how often do you look in a mirror or shiny surface to see you reflection? My budgie Sheila, who lives with my mum and sister, loves reflective surfaces; well, like any budgie I guess. I love that bird, so cute and intelligent!
During the summer I walk around and explored several shiny and polished surfaces, including a trip to the Serpentine Gallery in London to see the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009, designed by Kazuyo Sejima &
Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA[3] and great sunny day in the Millennium Park in Chicago, searching for my reflection in Cloud Gate on the AT&T Plaza[4] by Anish Kapoor. Also just found some other rather shiny sculpture by Kapoor on the world wide web[5], think I should re-visit his sculptures sometime soon, but back to my thought on reflection(s). It is absolutely fascinating to watch people interact with a shiny surface. You start touchingreflection_v it, jumping and observing, taking photographs, waving and pulling faces. It’s like you never seen yourself in such a large mirrored surface, like the first time you saw yourself in a mirror. I spend hours in front of my parents’ mirrored wardrobe or using a handheld mirror to walk on the ceiling, there where millions of games which involved mirrors. And even now I am fascinated by the effects of one, especially if I’m in front of a “mirror” that is as large as the Serpentine Pavilion or Cloud Gate. Another great “mirror” was one column near the Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna [ ]. But even if it isn’t as large, I like mirrors. A few of my favourites are the one fitted to my Pentax K110D, my Pentax ME Super and my Mamiya J645M. I guess I never really got away from having fun with mirrors – it is my way of seeing the world!
I sometimes wonder though, whether we use mirrors to get out of the cave, to see the world through the looking-glass like Alice, or if we just glimpse at ourselreflection_gves in this world without any reason…
A mirror could be seen as a connection between the Shadowlands and the Light. It is reversing what is set in front of it, so generating an equal copy of the original. That is, if the mirror sees the original and not the mirrored copy. And in order to get to “the other side” (in a Plato-and-the-Allegory-of-the-cave-kind-of-way) one has to “re-think the existing and re’see the obvious” – we need to find our way to “the knowledge”, the light, through investigating and questioning, thinking and evaluating, in order to get on our feet and walk from the bottom of the cave up to the painful sunlight. After all, we can only see mirrored reflection, not ourselves as we are – left is right and right is left… or is it…?

“Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand,
Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land?”

“Frau Königin, Ihr seid die Schönste im Land.”


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Next Exit: Shadowland

Ok, one could argue that we actually never made it out of the cave and are still watching the shadows on the wall. In some cases this is probably very true, in others, it isn’t. Six genius words by Buckminster Fuller spring to mind: “The Television is the third parent.”
Open to interpretation… 
Even though, I like watching TV. When I wake up in the morning, I enter a world that is full of questions and explorations. When I go to sleep in the evening, I questioned and explored, but I know that the next day will be full of puzzles to solve, ideas to trace and enquiries to make.Seattle in Motion
I’m not necessarily talking about finding the meaning of life or the one and only answer to whether aggressive behaviour is innate or learned. Or even answers to “smaller” questions like Do I want cheese on my sandwich? It is a combination of those ideas and all the others in-between that have a very high attraction factor. Well, at least to me.  So turning this notion around on itself, we are currently surrounded by “noise”, visual, auditory even when we bite in our cheese sandwich we experiencing a noise of tastes. We are currently processing, channelling and storing new information, reworking and reorganising old news, we are in constant instability with the world in and around us. We are moving, the clouds are moving, thoughts are moving, grass is growing– the world doesn’t stand still. (Unless you are Eadweard Muybridge, the man who stopped time (italic warning!). Now that’s a master of photography!) Don’t get me wrong here, I love my world. And I love interacting with it, I love recording it. I like seeing, not just looking.
One of my favourite places is behind the viewfinder, but that is an entirely different story to tell. …
I like watching the shadows on the wall from time to time. It’s a case of letting go of the constant input and having the information just washing over. All I do is watch the shadows – that is it. No questions asked. Sometimes I don’t even remember what I watched a few minutes after seeing it.
I like returning to the Shadowland.

Psst … new project started 

A photographic dictionary

New Ideas

New tiny url created


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