behind the viewfinder


behindpreposition at back of: in or towards a position farther back or at the rear of something
the : det indicating one as distinct from another: used to refer to one in particular of a number of things or people, identified as distinct from all others by the use of a modifier
viewfinder : noun device showing what appears in picture: a device on a camera that lets the user see what is being photographed


 Mamiya M645J

behind the viewfinder is a collection of visual’ness – captured and painted by light.

Everyone sees an image differently. Every camera creates an individual response to a given subject.
behind the viewfinder  is my response to the visual surroundings, my records of life, my collection of experimental challenges.

behind the viewfinder is linked to a virtual playground called Touching Wet Paint [], and investigates the world image by image, frame by frame.  




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